Tuesday, May 16, 2006

BellSouth Offers Free Home Monitoring Camera

In yet another move that shows someone in marketing at the RBOC sort of gets it: BellSouth Offers Free Home Monitoring Camera. "This new service, part of a host of innovative service options available from BellSouth, will allow users to monitor anywhere in their homes with video cameras. To see what's going on, all users need to do is log into a secure website. This is great if you're going away for a while or if you just wonder what may be happening. By connecting to a safe website from a home PC, remote PC – even a cell phone, users can quickly take a peek at what's going on in their homes... BellSouth will provide customers with technical support and a self install CD for their free home monitoring cameras. The camera will be available to new customers of the following services: BellSouth FastAccess DSL Xtreme 6.0, BellSouth FastAccess DSL Xtreme and BellSouth Fast Access DSL Ultra. "BellSouth is committed to offering products and services that harness the power of broadband to connect our customers and enhance their quality of life," said Randy Roberts, vice president, CPE product and integration."

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