Friday, March 03, 2006

E-Myth and then some

I'm reading E-Myth Mastery and it is work. Gerber takes pages to ramble on about something that boils down to 2 sentences. This is why I like reading Seth Godin, Tom Peters, Jeffrey Fox, and Harry Beckwith. Short and to the point. I could see if the book was loaded with examples and case studies, but, in fact, it is a running monologue of what crosses his mind and his conversations with Sarah, his client. (I want to point out that Sarah was a consulting client, who apparently did not get the message the first time round, so has to go through a second round of consulting, only to find there might have been a problem with the consulting process itself). Anyway, here's the basic lesson, besides work ON your business not just IN it.

Strategy + Systems + People +Passion + Execution = Success

... and you can not skip any component. My coach, Loral Langemeier, says that if you are still cleaning your house (or doing other menial tasks) then you will never be successful. You lack the ability to manage, delegate, and prioritize. (I still clean my house, so I haven't gotten their yet).

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