Monday, January 16, 2006

VoIP gaining popularity, but skills elusive

"The Triad Biz Journal is reporting about a lack of skilled workers for all of the high-tech jobs, specifically about the lack of knowledgeable workers for VOIP deployment. Well, after spending 3 days with local Verizon techs, even the Bells aren't training their people. How can techs not know anything about DSL? They have been at it since 1998. How can a tech not know how to wire a phone jack? (Maybe I got the cordless VOIP tech). These skills for new technology are not being taught in schools. If you run classes and seminars, you inform the public about these services that you sell; demonstrate your expertise; and possibly pick up potential employees.
Yahoo article states that "Technophobes will soon be able to pay for tutorials in how to use their iPods at an upmarket London store, even though the manufacturer does it for free in its shop just round the corner." Offering seminars and classes on the technology you provide is a Marketing tactic that works. Especially today. The first tier buyers are technophiles. After that, penetrating the market is like the days of dial-up, you have to tell the story of what the technology can do for them - show them how to use it.

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