Monday, January 16, 2006

Intuit Interview with Steve Bennett

At least, three good lessons:
  1. "Sometimes losing a battle can help win the war long term if you view it as a learning opportunity and a chance to get better. We should teach children not to be good losers, but to be good learners." --- Tom Peters says to Fail Faster.
  2. "It's better to be paranoid and focus on doing everything you can to eat someone else's lunch rather than being the person who gets their lunch eaten. I spend a lot of my time making sure that we're not surprised in the marketplace." --- If you are watching your competitors you may get beat. But don't run forwarding always looking back.
  3. "Watch what they do very carefully, learn and respond. It's important not to get distracted. The person that does the best job for customers is going to win. Keep your eye on competitors, but ultimately the company that delivers for customers wins." -- Watch the enemy does not mean copy the enemy. Deliver your service to the customer with excellence.
  4. "...our entire leadership team focused on winning with small business. .... Our focus and clarity is an advantage." <---- This is a key point - focus on your business, your positioning, and your clear message to your clients & prospects.

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