Thursday, December 01, 2005

Nifty stuff

  1. The Music Genome Project is cool:
  2. "Ever wondered what you might do with the 2GB storage provided by Google's Gmail service? A Dutch student Robbie Groenewoudt has come up with a novel solution. His new service, known as G2G Exchange combines the storage capacity of Gmail with p2p technology to create a new file-sharing service."
  3. Online Music Locker: "The founder of, and DRM cracker "DVD Jon" have joined forces to create a new on-line storage locker for music collections at The company will charge users $39.95 a year to upload their music collections to a personal locker, making it possible for them (or anyone they give the password to) to access the collection from any broadband enabled PC with a web browser. "There may be controversy about this," founder Michael Robertson tells the Financial Times, "But we really don't know what content is going in, we are a service provider and not a whole lot different from Gmail."
  4. Skype adds Video
  5. UTStar unveils a new VOIP wi-fi phone for Vonage that looks just like a cell phone.

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