Monday, December 12, 2005

Dial-Up Thoughts

Telecomweb states: "AOL/Netscape offers a dial-up service that is essentially identical to the NetZero service. Both are priced almost identically as well – typically $10 per month for the accelerated dial-up service with a one-year contract. And, of course, both are suffering from the steady decline in dial-up subscribers and the decreasing prices dial-up providers can charge as broadband in all of its flavors slowly but steadily takes over in the United States. Thus, such compression schemes as NetZero’s HiSpeed 3G are critical to the attempts of dial-up vendors to wring more life and revenue out of their services – or to prolong the agony of death, which is the way some might see it." What to do about dial-up? One thing is get the wholesale cost down as low as possible, without any long term commitments. Embrace IM, chat and Skype - all usable over dial-up. Emphasize webhosting (FTP can be done on dial-up). More ideas soon....

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