Thursday, November 10, 2005

He Must Be a Great Salesman

The title says it all:

VoIP, Inc. Names Telecom Sales Guru Steve Bratton National Sales Director for VoiceOne Communications' Carrier Direct Program

"Bratton joins VoIP, Inc. from Level 3, where he served as account director since 1998." "Bratton sold very successfully during his tenure at Level 3, (3)Tone (IP Centrex) ." Um, (3)Tone was a short-lived product at best. "He was national sales manager for wireless start-up Airdata Wiman, and national account manager for Winstar Wireless. " I just wonder how from all that he is a Sales Guru. (Man, I have to sell myself better, because too many people coming out of unsuccessful companies get great jobs at other companies, which tend to not be too successful either. And by unsuccessful I mean, the company does make a profit.)

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