Thursday, November 10, 2005


Seth Godin describes Strategy versus Results in his blog - it is about goals, success and the comfort zones that arrest growth. The simple chart here is only half the equation. Local Max is the comfort zone. It keeps most from reaching the Big Max, because there is huge pain to get to there (C). "A is where you see results as the direct output of a strategy and hard work. So you try harder. And you end up at point B. Point B is a bummer. Point B is backwards. Point B is where the outcome of more effort against your strategy doesn't return better results.... And that is where most people stay. Most people get stuck at the Local Max because changing strategy in any direction leads to poorer results..... You have 100 competitors in an industry that is self-described as a commodity. You use the same tactics your competition does, because if you change your pricing or fundamentally alter your marketing outreach, you get punished in terms of sales or profits... The problem is that to get to Big Max, you need to go through step C, which is a horrible and scary place to be." Read the full post and the follow up.

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