Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Further FCC Guidance for VOIP

In this Public Notice, the FCC Enforcement Bureau provides further info about its intended enforcement of the subscriber affirmative acknowledgement requirement imposed on interconnected VoIP service providers. On 9/27/05, after considering the submitted reports detailing compliance with the FCC notification requirements, it would not pursue enforcement action against providers who had obtained acknowledgements from 90% + of their subscribers that they had read and understood an advisory from the provider addressing the limitations of the provider’s 911 service. No enforcement action, until October 31, 2005, against providers who had less than 90% ACK, provided that such providers submitted a status report to us by October 25, 2005. After review of these 10/25/05 reports and evidence of substantial efforts to comply, we will continue to refrain from exercising our enforcement authority against those providers who have yet to obtain acknowledgements from 90% or more of their subscribers, provided that these providers file an additional status report with the Commission on November 28, 2005.

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