Tuesday, November 08, 2005

BellSouth Stands Alone

SBC's bonehead CEO is mad at BST's Duane Ackerman for not merging the two BOCs together in February. (Duane is probably wondering why he didn't buy AT&T last year when he had the chance). Om thinks that BST will be fine, since BST is the most profitable Bell company - and the most innovative. Businessweek writes about the Cingular set-up: even though BST owns 40%, it has 50% of the board and management control - and when SBC-AT&T starts really selling Cingular, 40% of the profits go to BST. In the Businessweek article where Whiteacre admits to planss of a walled garden, Whiteacre discusses the SBC-BST competition. Interesting stuff.

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