Friday, September 23, 2005

Hotels Don't Get Broadband

Andy Abramson talks about hotel broadband problems. "I'm growing increasingly concerned as I travel that the hotel operators don't get broadband. They think the idea of advertising High Speed Wireless or In Room High Speed Broadband means install a DSL line offering 1.5 down and 512 up is the way to go. "In the day of two or three people a night using that type of bandwidth and everyone else on dial up that might have worked. But now we live in an always on, need it now, send it to me ASAP world. "You see, what worked in 2002 doesn't work in 2005. Demand exceeds the seven users a day and broadband is no longer a guest option for the executive on the go, it's a requirement. "Hotel needs to understand the concept of BandWidth on Demand. They also have to understand that in room wireless and broadband have gone way beyond what they envisioned when they budgeted for it a few years ago." ---> There's your sales pitch to the hotels. Bring in a Metro Ethernet or fixed wireless connection (maybe with redundant DSL links). Maybe an Asterisk box for VOIP and Voicemail. Integration for Business Class Hotels.

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