Friday, September 23, 2005

ELN & Vonage

EarthLink is ready to launch its Covad powered VOIP service, EarthLink TrueVoice. That means Vonage will lose a sales channel, since ELN currently offers Vonage service branded with an “Earthlink Unlimited Voice” logo. ELN's TrueVoice will allow VOIP phones as well as PSTN phones. Sonus is the softswitch. L3 is the PSTN connection. How many of Vonage's reported 1M customers are with ELN? How many are with AOL? How will this affect the Vonage IPO where they are looking for $600M? Maybe they should listen to their bankers and sell. Great Quote: “Earthlink is not moving into voice, voice is moving into IP,” Earthlink VP of voice services, Steve Howe says. “Voice is just another IP application now. “

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