Monday, July 18, 2005

ISPs as Community Leaders

We need to send the message that IISPs are the community leaders (and experts) for internet access, computer and networking issues. What will communities do when IISPs close? Many are the computer and networking experts for their market. IISPs introduced the internet to consumers. Access has become wide-spread due to the experts in the community taking the initiative - with seminars, workshops, classes, radio call-in shows, as well as superior tech support. The TeleCable companies will not be able to hand-hold the consumers and small businesses as IISPs have. What happens to the technology then? Worms, malware, virii, identity theft already cost America billions. Without front line support from the thousands of IISPs, how will VOIP and Broadband (and the technologies to follow) permeate and penetrate? People still can't set their VCR.

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