Thursday, April 26, 2018

FiberLight and Mitel ... Gone

Fiberlight has finally done some kind of exit - but not in the way anyone thought. "Satellite communications company Globalstar is merging with metro fiber provider FiberLight. The deal will be worth roughly $1.65 billion. Investment firm Thermo Acquisitions, which controls both, pulled all the levers to make the deal happen," according to Fierce. "Jay Monroe controls Thermo and is the CEO of Globalstar. The merger is seen to be Thermo’s attempt to stabilize the business of Globalstar." Keeping it in the family. Ramblings has a deeper look at it HERE. The numbers? " In 2017, FiberLight generated adjusted EBITDA of $67M and had some $200M in net debt."

Just as Avaya exits bankruptcy and it looks like Mitel might have some fresh legs in the UC race, Mitel gets acquired. "Searchlight Capital Partners has acquired Hosted PBX provider Mitel for $2.0 billion in cash, including Mitel’s net debt. Mitel will become a privately held company." More here.

Meanwhile Cisco finally made a move since buying Broadsoft. Spark will merge with Webex to be Webex Teams (original name, right?) Then Broadsoft will add CC-One to its contact center package.

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