Monday, November 06, 2017

What are the Cableco's up to?

Taco Bell chose Comcast Business as their technology partner. "Taco Bell has selected Comcast Business Enterprise Solutions to provide managed services, including guest Wi-Fi, at more than 6,200 Taco Bell company and franchise locations across the U.S."

Managed Wi-Fi and 4G backup connectivity for point-of-sale and credit card processing are becoming table stakes in the retail space.

MSO's are moving to a cloud-based "Experience Center" like Comcast Xfinity 1. "Altice One is an all-in-one user interface portal for video, broadband/WiFi, and phone services. Rather than being resident on the set-top-box or gateway, Altice One is cloud-based, allowing for more features and rapid feature introduction and upgrades."

Altice USA also launched an MVNO using Sprint. Charter is launching MVNO as well - using VZW.

Comcast has 250K subs on its VZW-powered MVNO service already. That doesn't sound like much, compared to Comcast's 22.5 million TV subscribers and 25.1 million broadband customers, but cellular subscriptions are full.

VZW - 147M
AT&T - 136M
T-Mob - 59M
Sprint - 53M
USCell - 5M
That's 400M subscribers in the USA, with a population of 323M!

Cable had TV; moved into Broadband and Voice, where it is now the dominant player with 66% of the market share. MSOs try different things like Business TV; home security; home automation; and end up killing it with MVNO (cellular voice and 4G data). Even managed wi-fi services are doing well for them. Take note. Copy it!

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