Monday, October 09, 2017

Tidbits (Part 2466)

Some interesting articles this week.

Why does Verizon care about telephone poles?

Verizon to discontinue more interstate DS0 services in 7 states. No more Copper! VZ plans multi-stage all-fiber network transition.

Even Frontier is turning from copper. Frontier Testing New Fixed Wireless Services

Frontier and Google fighting for 3.5 GHz spectrum rules.

Will Broadband rates double soon?

Why aren't cable or the cellcos treating like a common carrier? This opinion discusses the cellcos owned by LECs. The Cure to the Common Carrier

Meet Verizon Wireless' New Chief Customer Experience Officer, Scott Zimmer:

"In the competitive mobile space, it takes a concerted effort to build the customer experience. Verizon Wireless recently took it a step further when it brought in Scott Zimmer to serve in a new position as its Chief Customer Experience Officer. According to Scott, customer experience definitely creates a competitive advantage over other companies. Verizon’s goal is to go above and beyond to build brand loyalty and brand love so that customers prefer the company for reasons beyond it just having the best price. Its perspective and practices can help companies in all industries."

Randall Stephenson says his wireless carrier (AT&T) will use targeted advertising to change the TV market and lower prices for consumers.

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