Friday, July 28, 2017

What Gets Added to the BIll?

I don’t often see the fees because I don’t get the final bill.
On top of that each carrier charges different fees/taxes.
It isn’t easy to know what those fees will be. That’s on me though.

BGP – at least half the carriers charge something for this; either one time set up or a recurring charge.

IP Addresses – all of them charge for anything more than a /29

Off one bill for MPLS:
  • Total Taxes, Governmental Surcharges & Fees
  • Other Surcharges & Fees
  • Cost Recovery Fee
  • Federal Universal Service Fund (USF) Surcharge
  • State Franchise Recovery Surcharge
  • TX Municipal Franchise Fee
  • Total Other Surcharges & Fees
Off one bill for Dedicated Internet Access:
  • Taxes, Governmental Surcharges & Fees
  • Communications Services Tax
  • FL Communications Services Tax- Gross Receipts
  • State Sales Tax
  • County Sales Tax
  • District Tax
  • Local Sales Tax
  • Utility Users Tax
  • Total Taxes, Governmental Surcharges & Fees
  • Other Surcharges & Fees
  • State Franchise Recovery Surcharge
XO only charged an Admin Service Charge – no other fees/taxes - on Internet bandwidth.  This probably changes when Verizon starts billing XO customers.

On AT&T bills, I have seen:
  • Surcharges and Other Fees
  • Universal Connectivity Charge - Interstate
  • Administrative Expense Fee – Interstate
  • Property Tax Allotment - Interstate
  • Federal Regulatory Fee - Interstate
  • Plus County, State and Federal taxes

On ACC Business, the bills for Internet Access, the only fee is Federal Access Recovery Fee. And ACC is a subsidiary of AT&T!!!

On GTT bills: Regulatory Recovery Surcharge of almost 10%.

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