Friday, February 03, 2017

Some Mergers Have Closed

Verizon closed on XO. XO is now XO, a Verizon Company. It will be business as usual for XO for a little while. Yet Verizon did re-org, according to CRN. "Telecom giant Verizon has revealed a newly restructured business unit geared toward reaching more small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), Verizon Business Markets. Verizon Business Markets (VBM) was formally known as Verizon Small Business, according to the business unit's new LinkedIn page. Janet Schijns, vice president of global channels for Verizon Enterprise Solutions, is now leading the new unit as chief channel executive and vice president for VBM."

"TPG Capital finished up its acquisitions of RCN and Grande from ABRY for $1.6B and $650M, respectively. TPG is combining the two companies into what will be the 7th largest US cable company and plans to expand and enhance operations across the combined footprints." It will still be the 7th when VZ buys Charter.

"Strome Fiber Holdings, LLC announced today that it has acquired all of the network and colocation assets of AF-Southeast, LLC. The acquired network and colocation assets consist of a contiguous dark fiber network, constructed along secure private right-of-ways, that extends from Atlanta, Georgia to Miami, Florida including interconnection to key data centers in both markets and strategic access points in between." [source]

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