Tuesday, December 13, 2016

DDoS Mitigation Services Available

DYN had an infamous outage recently due to a massive DDoS attack. Two clients also experienced DDoS attacks on their ISP networks this year. One had multiple incidents.

Level3 and XO offer DDoS Mitigation services. So do a number of data center providers like Cologix.

How does mitigation work? First, by monitoring traffic. In their most simple form, DDoS mitigation tools are remote network traffic filters that prevent undesired traffic from hitting your network/servers. Basically traffic is sent to a black hole. Good traffic is filtered to the network or servers. The black hole needs to have a lot of capacity - and that is where much of the expense is.

If you need DDoS Mitigation (or other security services) give RAD-INFO Inc a call at 813-963-5884.
We work with Level3, XO, Cologix and a host of data center providers and carriers.

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