Wednesday, November 30, 2016

How Safe is Your Copyright Harbor?

"BMG is striking back after two American internet ISPs tried to get a declaratory judgment for their cases against BMG. The companies in question are RCN and Windstream." See story HERE.

"Windstream is urging a New York federal court to rule that ISPs are not liable for the file trading behavior of their broadband subscribers. Late last year a Virginia federal jury ruled that ISPs could be held liable for the file sharing behavior of customers on their network, contrary to the belief that ISPs are protected from liability via safe harbor provisions embedded in the DMCA," according to DSLR, which is closely following the story as is TorrentFreak.

"In fact, Cox Communications was ordered to pay $25 million for not doing enough about piracy on its network, despite being one of the more aggressive ISPs on this front over the years."

BMG has anti-piracy partner named Rightscorp. There other groups chasing copyright infringements including ASCAP and MPAA.

I wonder how much of this is due to DPI, the content examination that they do and the data gathering, etc.

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