Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The DDOS Attack on Dyn

Here is the timeline for the DDoS Attack against Dyn that took down some of the East Coast Internet last Friday. KREBS was attacked a couple of weeks before with 620 Gbps by IOT devices that were turned into a bot army. Krebs describes the 3 DDoS attacks (his, Dyn and another one) HERE. Krebs warns that "Interestingly, someone is now targeting infrastructure providers with extortion attacks."

Another cyber-security expert is claimed in September that "Someone Is Learning How to Take Down the Internet". And then a month later they did.

Amazon and IBM suffered some during this attack. Now, Cloud Giants Likely to Beef Up Bandwidth to Fight IoT Botnets. Well, they will need to add capacity as the attacks have doubled in size from the Krebs' 620 Gbps attack - 1.2 Terabytes per second.

“At this point we know this was a sophisticated, highly distributed attack involving 10s of millions of IP addresses,” Kyle York, Dyn’s chief strategy officer wrote. IOT leads to more unsecured Internet-connected devices (computers) waiting for someone to point them in a nefarious manner. Gizmodo's headline foreshadows the bleak future of 100s of millions of unsecured computers in the form of devices in cars, homes, buildings, streets, etc. (even DVRs and thermostats)!

Did you know that the Target hack was done via an HVAC system computer?

Here is the scoop on the Gmail hack into Podesta's iPhone.

The History of the IANA Transition

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