Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Notes from a Start-up CEO on Leaving

I met Gregg Pollack in 2007 when we were organizing the first BarCamp Tampa Bay. Gregg runs BarCamp Orlando. Gregg founded Code School and merged it with another company last year. A year later he is leaving and his notes are excellent.

"We became more organized planners. I’ve never spent enough time planning and setting goals. Pluralsight showed us how they managed their quarterly and annual planning and we followed their lead." I have been doing a Goals webinar every year since 2009. I am amazed that more people don't join. [The next one is in December.]

Have an Advisory Board. You need the insight especially from outside the vortex.

"Access to a Sales Team" - hard to grow sales without a sales team. Usually the CEO is doing most of the sales but that only scales so far.

I am presenting a webinar on Sales Management thinking on November 8th: REGISTER HERE.

One mistake I made with both the TCA and TechNova, two non-profit orgs that I co-founded, was a lack of succession planning!!! Gregg planned on doing it for six months!

I hope you enjoyed the notes from Gregg. I know many of you are not in startup mode, but a company is a company is a company. And I hope you signed up for at least webinar.

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