Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Google Fiber, Gigabit and Pole Attachments

The cable guys all expect their “awesome” cellular hot-spot footprints to replace cellular. iPass does too.

Pole Attachment Fight between Google Fiber and AT&T, Comcast and the city.
Google Fiber Problems with Layoffs and a strategy shift internally to maybe fixed wireless instead of fiber.

Google Fiber isn’t a Failure (despite only 70K TV subscribers). And Google Fiber launches in NC.

Comcast is targeting DSL

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AT&T Unveils New Apartment/Condo Map for Gigabit Service. Also, CenturyLink is rolling out G.Fast for MDU at half-gig or 500 Mbps. And Ma Bell is looking at for MDU also.

NYC in a fight with VZ FiOS over deployment promises

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