Monday, September 05, 2016

Google Fiber Failing?

AT&T explains why it sometimes delays Google Fiber access to poles. "Google Fiber has been battling AT&T over access to utility poles for a few years now. During a dispute in Austin, Texas late in 2013, AT&T said it could deny access to its poles because Google wasn't a "qualified" telecom or cable provider."

This reminds me of Covad/Northpoint/Rhythms DLECs who didn't realize how much the ILECs could screw you - or that the regulatory process was convoluted without an enforcement arm.

AT&T Slams Google/Alphabet over Google Fiber Slowdown Speculation. AT&T thinks this helps them, but cable is destroying AT&T's hold on consumers and small business. No idea what they are laughing about. They should have been fighting the cable consolidation.

Looking at alternatives, Google bought Webpass for some expertise in fixed wireless broadband. However, "Cuts at Google Fiber: No one switching, wireless and cable going to a gig."

The other alternative is G.Fast. "Live from New York. It's wireless backhaul."

"Commodities are in the eye of the producer. If you don't want to sell something that's judged merely on price, then don't." Very short read by Seth Godin.

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