Monday, August 22, 2016

DSL is Getting Killed, but Fiber?

Comcast Says There's 6 Million Unhappy DSL Users Left to Target is a great headline because it says it all: cable is targeting DSL - and winning. (see here).

Google Fiber, Sonic, Socket, Intelliwave and Rocket Fiber are just five of over 100 fiber to the home projects going on. BTW, consumers only respond to the term Gigabit Fiber broadband. It is about picking the right markets to construct fiber. It is also about first mover advantage (if you are the first fiber provider you can win against HFC and DSL).

Serving the Digital Divide is going to be expensive and it will require government assistance. We see it just with subsidized phone and Internet over the last 20 years.

The success or failure of these Fiber projects comes down to the basics of marketing (summed up here by Seth Godin in 4 lines.)

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