Tuesday, July 19, 2016

News You May Need (Part 212)

There is a legal battle over data and countries. Microsoft wins major victory in legal fight over data center access. Now data can be stored like money in a tax haven. It might also be stored where you can't access it.

And the FCC set guidelines for the Death of Copper and DSL.

Lots of rural broadband stuff going on:

"The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced it is funding 81 Distance Learning and Tele-medicine (DLT) projects in 32 states in order to improve healthcare services and extend distance learning programs in rural areas. A total $23.4 million of funding will come in the form of grants to support 45 distance learning and 36 tele-medicine projects." [source]
A bunch of stuff happening around 5G testing as government projects. SEE HERE.

For those of you offering TV, "Evolution Digital today announced that it reached a deal with the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC) to distribute its eVUE-TV™ IP Video on Demand service to NCTC member operators." [source]

AT&T is going deep into SDN and NFV. AT&T is releasing their SDN software, ECOMP, to open source. They are talking about being able to use white box CPE globally. Via 4G that CPE will download the necessary software to be a router or firewall or what-have-you. see more here

Broadsoft view of the UCaaS Mid-market on LinkedIn: 5 tips for driving mid-market business if you are successfully selling into SMB today.

Gitomer on sales:  "Many salespeople are trying to make their quota rather than developing a deeper belief in their product or service - and even worse, they don't have a strong enough belief in themselves."

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