Monday, May 09, 2016

Copper, Mergers and other Tidbits

This is interesting: "Disclosure: Bright House is owned by the Advance/Newhouse Partnership, which is part of Advance Publications. Advance Publications owns Condé Nast, which owns Ars Technica. Advance/Newhouse would own 13 percent of Charter after the proposed transactions." Consolidation is going on in every industry. For news/media, very few voices as 6 companies control 90% of it.

CenturyLink plans to reach 14M households with 100 Mbps over copper via vectoring. So those copper lines annoy VZ but Frontier, C-Link, Fairpoint, and 700 RLECs are still make money off them. "By using vectoring, Post said that CenturyLink will be able to reach most of the addressable homes passed with higher speed services than what it can deliver today over its existing ADSL2+ and VDSL2 networks. This can be done at a relatively low cost of under $200 per home passed."

What is VDSL2 vectoring? Alcatel-Lucent explains. is almost here. See this video from Sckipio, a vendor partner of Calix.

The MVNO market in the US is still going. A new UK entrant called Tello joined using the Sprint network. Everyone is fighting for low ARPU customers, but the advertising indicates that customer acquisition is over $650 per user.

Analysts Craig Moffett Worries ISPs Aren't Capping Users...Enough. He must pal around with FCC Commish Ajit Pai, who dissented in two deals (ATT/DTV and Charter/TWC/BH) over the review process being about regulation and adding conditions. (In this case, Charter suggested the No data caps for 7 years condition themselves.

BTW, while Charter and Frontier made promises about no job cuts... well, they lied.

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