Sunday, May 15, 2016

3 Tips for Start-ups

Brazzlebox contacted me about writing a blog post about advice I would give a startup. Long time readers know that I share advice for startups on here often - and I encourage companies that have been in business to re-visit the startup advice to energize their business.

3 pieces of startup advice

1. Know your customer. Your customer is NOT everyone. It hardly ever is. It is someone with a need - a need that they are aware of - that your service fixes. If you have to explain the need, it is an uphill battle.

2. Be able to explain your value proposition in as few words as possible. If you can't explain it; your employees can't either. So it becomes about price.

3. Get Support. As a start-up founder, you will feel alone. Find a Mentor or a support group like a startup group or an entrepreneur's club or just find a couple of other founders to have coffee with that you can be real with. You will feel alone; you will battle things like depression; stress will be a constant companion. Have someone to talk to that will understand - other than your spouse or parents. This group can be a MasterMind (see here) or just a place that you can be honest.

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