Friday, April 08, 2016

The Hiring Circle

Saw this job posting today:

In-depth knowledge in one or more VoIP switching technologies: Genband G9/G6/Genius, CS2000, Broadsoft, MetaSwitch & Metasphere, Ureach, and/or Acme / Nextone SBC. As well as the Element Management Systems, & servers interfacing these platforms.

Desired knowledge in Multi-service Edge Routers, SIP, UNIX, Linux, WireShark, etc. Desired knowledge in one or more voice TDM switch technologies: DMS-10, DMS-100/200/500, 5ESS, DCO, GTD-5, EWSD and/or Oryx. Ability to handle and prioritize outage and network issues efficiently and effectively.

This is for a 3 month contract at $39/hr ($81K/yr). Just crazy.

That's like seeing jobs for developers with 5 years of Facebook experience. The founders of FB have jobs.

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