Tuesday, April 19, 2016

SD-WAN - The Primer

Over on TMC, I am spending the month of April on SD-WAN.

I am trying to answer: What is it? Who buys it? Why do they buy it?

I am doing this via podcasts with execs at Velocloud, Escessa, Aryaka and TelePacific. For service providers, SD-WAN will be a revolution. Type II circuits may become a thing of the past as BYO Broadband won't be a bad thing with SD-WAN monitoring, packet shaping and load-balancing the traffic.

For companies utilizing SAAS, OTT VoIP and Video as well as Rackspace/AWS/Azure, SD-WAN allows the business to get quality of service on Type II links and cloud apps performance.

You can listen to the podcasts at Soundcloud HERE. Or you can drop in on the blog at TMC On RAD's Radar.

I hope you enjoy it.

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