Friday, November 13, 2015

Stuff You May Have Missed

Having some trouble with thelistserv. It was fixed last night. (So you might have received a bunch of emails. I apologize.)

Here is what you missed.

FCC is working through Connect America Fund (CAF) and Special Access reform. (HERE)

Is this the beginning of a HPBX Price War? (HERE) BTW, a little VoIP comparison pricing from pcmag.

Broadsoft intends to raise $175M; of which, $60M to re-purchase debt and $25M to buy back shares. “The remainder of $90M will be kept for general corporate purposes, with the only explicitly mentioned one being the acquisition of or investment in complementary businesses, products, or technologies.” [ramblings]

More than half of small rural video providers saw an increase in programming costs of 100% or greater in their latest contract negotiations --

The reason that AT&T wanted to buy DirecTV? (HERE)

“Average stuff for average people is getting ever more difficult to sell.” – Seth Godin

You are selling Change? Are you?

An article on MSP Valuations. It is all about EBITA.

Where Is The Value In The Tech Stack? by Fred Wilson

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