Monday, October 05, 2015

Re-Thinking Time Management

Sales is mainly about Time Management. Lots to do; burning through the hours. Here are a couple of ways to re-think the time management scenario.

"Just as time management isn't always about time (it is about the tasks we choose to invest in) — work life happiness and success can have as much do to with what we are not bringing to the table, as with what we are currently applying." [linkedin]

From the Ugly Truth about Time Management: "Here’s the thing — a time-management problem is usually not a time issue – it is a task issue. Specifically, you are not sorting through your work life and deciding which tasks really matter."

I think Work-Life balance is a myth. It is about choice. What are your priorities, your values? What is most important to you? That said:

In sales training, I always say Dis-Qualify as fast as possible, so you can spend time on the best prospects. In life, same thing. Ask yourself this: Will doing this get me closer to any of my goals?

You have to learn to be okay with saying NO (in order to say YES to the important stuff. Not the Urgent; the important.)

We put out fires every day. We want to be helpful. Add some fire fighting time to your schedule.

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