Friday, October 30, 2015

Collateral Doesn't Sell

I have to agree with this stat:

"Only 46% of B2B #sales professionals think that the #marketing collateral they are provided is adequate."

At best, collateral is a reminder or tool for brand awareness.

Some other sales stats:

More than a quarter of all B2B sales cycles take seven months or more to close. (Source: Harvard University and Gallup)

90% of business buyers say when they’re ready to buy, they’ll find you. (Source: DemandGen Report)
Which means that you better have your SEO on!

58% of buyers report that sales reps are unable to answer their questions effectively. (Source: Forbes Insight) -- You might want to train your people on your products and process.

80% of the average salesperson’s day is spent on non-revenue generating activities, including not knowing where to find good prospects or recognizing them once they find them. (Source: -- I see this often. Companies don't have a customer profile.

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