Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Comcast Business Numbers for 2Q15

Some interesting things in the Comcast financials for 2Q 2015.

Resi ARPU: Total revenue per customer relationship +4.5% to $143 per month

69% of customers take at least 2 products; 37% take 3 products

69% of residential customers receive speeds of 50Mbps or greater

Voice revenue decline of 2.1% to $903MM with 11.3MM customers and penetration at 21%

Business Services revenue increased 20.4% to $1.2Bn for the Quarter! Almost a $5B B2B CLEC! Penetration at ~25% for small and less than 10% for mid-sized businesses.

Top 6 in Metro Ethernet ports in the US in 2014, after ATT, L3, VZ, C-Link and TWC.

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