Monday, July 20, 2015

The Giga Promise

This is copy from a PR firm for IKANOS, the broadband chip maker.

"The promise of consumer broadband at one gigabit per second (1Gbps) has created a new skirmish in the broadband wars. The nation’s telecommunications service providers are gearing up, with Fiber-to-the-Home, or FTTH, providing gigabit broadband in select municipalities today. Meanwhile, a gigabit service called is slated to roll out starting in 2016, over the copper telephone lines that are installed in over 95% of US residences. And then there’s cable. Comcast recently announced plans for 2Gbps service rollouts, in a challenge to the current or coming rollouts of FTTH by Google, AT&T, and other service providers, and the pending rollout of"

"Gigabit broadband has created huge new opportunities for carriers and service providers, who will gain by delivering a host of revenue-generating broadband apps and services to connected homes, and to support bandwidth-hungry devices such as 4K (and the upcoming 8K) TVs."

It seems that Gigabit will only further power the Internet Economy that we find ourselves in. Despite fighting upgrading broadband pipes, the Duopoly may reap some rewards from going Giga.

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