Thursday, May 21, 2015

NetFortris at Genband

NetFortris presented at GenBand’s show yesterday on why they chose Genband C3G8 platform over Broadsoft. Mainly: it was cheaper and one provider. BSFT requires third-party. Genband licensing is about 40% less than BSFT.

Netfortris is interesting. That is the new name for Telekenex, which TelePacific tried to buy a couple of years ago. The stats that Thomas Swayze presenting are hard to believe.

700 multi-site clients. The average seat size is 67, selling many 10 seat deals up to 2,000 seats. The ARPU is $3250. These customers are still on M6. 100K endpoints turned up by 2008. Did the Sprint mobile integration in 2012. They started a platform review in 2013 and just turned up Genband.

They deployed Genband Experius on Cisco's blade server for "hardware freedom" - and the first one to do this.

Netfortris upgraded SmartOffice to version 2.5. Next Netfortris will be embedding SPiDR into the CCP platform. Then Kandy. Just so you know, it is very difficult to keep track of the brand names for each service at Genband - kandy, fring, SPiDR, Experius, C3G8. I needed a decoder ring to know what service they were talking about. Some of that was due to being unfamiliar with their portfolio; some of it is that everyone just assumes you know. What happens when you assume?

"Coolest part of QUANTIX/QFLEX is that you can overlay UC over SIP trunks," said Swayze. I had no idea what Quantix is. It is the SBC line.

from pr: NetFortris deployed the EXPERiUS™ Application Server, Intelligent Messaging , SPiDR WebRTC Gateway, GENView Provisioning & Portals, GENCom Mobility Clients and QUANTiX™ Session Border Controller (SBC).

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