Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Jump Start Your Sales or Do Some Marketing

If you are looking at your sales and wondering why they aren’t where you want them, consider reading this blog I wrote.

Then ask yourself: Do you have the elements necessary for sales success?

If not give me a call, the first 20 minutes are no-charge. Make an appointment to speak with me by clicking here.

I also wrote a book on selling cloud in paperback and on kindle, titled SELLECOM2. I offer self training kits on cloud selling. (See here).

If you are building out fiber to the home, business, premise or curb, the webinar I am doing next Wed. comes with a money back guarantee. If you don’t think it was worth it, email me right after the webinar and I will refund it. Register here.

Come see me live in Atlanta for FISPA expo on June 16-19. Use DISCOUNT CODE R2 to save $50 on registration at fispalive.com

I am speaking on 2 topics at the show (see the schedule on fispalive.com):

1) Marketing is Not Free! Would you use Fiverr for a router config? There are costs associated with sales and marketing. We are going to go over them – and why a professional can make a big difference in copywriting, collateral and other components of S&M. (This will include some examples of bad marketing!)

2) What are You Measuring? An executive look at the metrics we use and if they are the correct metric – or should you be looking at something else. In sales, the means are more important than the end. In revenue, what is a more meaningful number? What is your employee’s time worth?

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