Monday, April 20, 2015

Lessons in Social Marketing

Things learned from sending customer newsletters is a good read on LinkedIn. A couple of things: Consistency is important. It helps to build trust. The newsletter is about delivering Value (consistenctly) to your customers and prospects, not selling them stull. If anything, thing about the branding -- your logo and colors and name, coming at them at a regular interval.

The follow up is the mark of persistence and consistency. That says enough. (Sales stats show that most give up by 3 follow ups, but sales are made after the 8th or 10th or 15th contact.) Stay in front of them and bring value.

Speaking of LinkedIn, do you have a company page? Do you have a complete profile with an up to date photo? You can post stories and updates that will get your name in front of your network.

These types of misfires on social media are why some businesses don't want to go on social, but you have to be there. It is where the audience is today. [To see how it can be done, here are 12 examples.]

In this article about the reasons Google Plus died, the lessons can apply to any company and any product. For example, employee incentives if not carefully thought out can back fire. Make certain you are measuring the proper metric (factor). Listen to both employees and customers. Yet study your customers. It is all about Blue Ocean and Positioning. Attacking the giant head on with the same product is doomed.

As we have more and more to do - including social marketing - time management becomes important. the key is an egg timer. Break things up into bite sized tasks (on your calendar) and use an egg timer to say stop. Next!

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