Tuesday, April 28, 2015

It isn't About Likes

I used to like Jeffrey Gitomer. He was an old school sales trainer with a Northeastern attitude. I read many of his books including the Sales Bible. Then sales changed, and social media came along. Like many old schoolers, he hasn't quite found the rhythm with the new way of sales.

He is correct that giving value first is still important. Content Marketing requires a good amount of work to attract visitors. (They are visitors not customers or even prospects.)

Where he gets it wrong especially is social media. In his newsletter today, he talks about how many connections he has, how many likes he gets, how many views. Those numbers talk to ego, but they don't talk to an actual outcome.

When you go to his twitter page, there is zero engagement. He uses it for broadcast. And twitter is like a hose with people only catching a trickle (if they are watching at that moment. It is like TV in the 70s - no VCR, no VOD, no on-demand, rarely a rerun - you either saw it live or you didn't.)

Broadcasting is fine for pushing marketing out (advertising, branding). However, Engagement is what matters. That is the goal. Quite different from just looking at numbers or feeling good about likes.

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