Monday, March 23, 2015

Title II Musings

Here's why Verizon should be the first to embrace Title II: Forbes. Being a plumber or dumb pipe is what VZ (and most ISPs do, despite fighting it). "But you have a chance right now to lead the way to wireless device agnosticism. Whether you lead or follow, per-device fees are on their way to obsolescence. Hardware is superseding your present device restrictions with the ability to tether devices." What it really comes down to is: Do you know what business you are in? "You currently sell all those iPhones and Android phones and mobile WiFi hotspots because you know people will use them to purchase and use your data pipelines. You don’t care about the phone sales. You care about the data sales."

Trade groups will take the lead in suing the FCC over Title II, so that the Big 3 - ATT, VZ, Comcast - don't have to look like the evil axis that they are.

AT&T is using the Title II rules it hates to get millions in refunds via ARS.

Facebook's market cap is bigger than VZ!!! Interesting view of the numbers. FB has little debt; VZ has $110.5 billion in long-term debt on $127 billion in annual revenue.

AT&T Has to Pay $40 Million Because 18 lawyers didn't read the docket [source]

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