Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Data, Surveys and Studies

So I found some older data on FTTH from Calix and Corning that might interest you.  And the VZ FiOS presentation from 2006. Buffalo news article detailing FiOS costs.

The Parallel SMB Cloud study of 2014 is here.

VoIP Logic did a survey of Hosted VoIP. These are some highlights:

  • 67.5% of Service Providers are willing to outsource some or all of their revenue generating technology.
  • Both the selection of telephones and other customer premise equipment (66.8%) and the selection of network type (80.1%) are considered to be very important or crucial to the success of the opportunity. [Note: This is inconsistent with an emerging trend of bring your own device (BYOD) and reliance on the public Internet which indicates that Service Providers might not find BYOD a favorable development.]
  • The three most prevalent services sold by Service Providers who work with VoIP technology are Hosted PBX (61%), SIP Trunking (54%) and Data Networking, which includes IP, MPLS and point-to-point circuits (33.9%)
  • Over a third of all Service Providers (34.1%) do NOT have a disaster recovery strategy that employs geographic redundancy or fail-over in the event of a disruption of service at their primary site. Considering that outage sensitivity is rated as so relevant and geographic backup is highly correlated with uptime, this is surprising. 
  • The three most desirable characteristics when selecting technology for a VoIP service offering are Expected Uptime (33%), Stable and Well Regarded Technology (33%) and Cost (20%). While Uptime and Cost are tangible characteristics that lead to happier customers and better profit margins – and are therefore expected – Well Regarded Technology is aspirational (and, generally, more expensive). 
  • The three most highly ranked characteristics that contribute to a successful commercial strategy - sales and customer retention – are Existing Customer Relationship (52%), Pricing (13%) and Customer Support (9%). These are not surprising – especially among smaller operators who rely on personalized interaction – though the degree to which an existing relationship outstrips all other factors is an important data point when gauging which sales strategies have the greatest chance of success.
Allot surveyed 100 CSPs globally. "With the migration of data centers and applications to the cloud, and trends such as user mobility and Bring Your Own Device, Chief Information Officers are looking to their CSP for solutions to increase efficiency and reduce costs."  The survey was an interesting look at what is offered to SMB and Enterprise. Office365 wins.

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