Monday, February 09, 2015

Are You Selling Gigabit LAN?

Cliff at CSSLA sent me an email about the 4 items you can buy on Amazon to turn your LAN into Gigabit blazing fast. Are you selling broadband but not touching the LAN? Worse: Are you selling OTT Hosted VOIP and not touching the LAN?

Help the client out in these 10 check points:

  1. Selling them a modem for a one-time fee (and saving them monthly rental).
  2. Replace the router.
  3. Set-up a Wireless LAN.
  4. Replace cables.
  5. Switch out the switches.
  6. Add UPS battery backup.
  7. Check the printer.
  8. Add data backup.
  9. If VOIP, is there a backup to the cable modem?*
  10. If VOIP, add softphones to devices

*FreedomPOP is decent for backup 4G service. Runs on the Sprint 4G LTE network, but it is cheap. There are other MVNOs that you can sell to get 3G or 4G backup.

If you want to increase ARPU and stickiness, sell a complete solution. Want to reduce churn? Do a thorough and complete installation and deployment.

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