Friday, February 27, 2015

2015 Marketing Trends

J2 Global owns a lot of companies including efax, Ziff-Davis, CRM and an email marketing platform called Campaigner. Campaigner "announced the results of its marketing trends survey detailing key industry insights and identifying specific areas of focus for 2015."

"53% of respondents report that higher click-through rates and email interaction are the number one email marketing priorities for 2015." Email is still used for closing sales; social media is for reach or noise.

Marketing today is about salience and engagement. Salience being staying in front of your market as top of mind for when they do pull the trigger on the sale. Engagement being a way to get referrals, give customer care and retain customers.

2 infographics:

How to Grow Your Email Contact List in 2015

Summary of the Trends

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