Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Where Are the Opportunities Now?

I am sitting on Edgewater Networks webinar. Security is the top opportunity out there for service providers.

Video conferencing and video calls is what many vendors wish was on the horizon. I think it is further down the runway, except for telemedicine, where it is huge. the nice thing about video: there's some hardware, install, MRC and bigger bandwidth pipe.

Under security, mobile sits right in that puddle. Besides BYOD (bring your own device) problems, there are also mobile device management (MDM) issues for even the company owned devices (phones, tablets). It is predicted to be a big market.

Managed WLAN or wi-fi is on the E-Rate radar. It is also on the radar of municipalities for parks; mall owners; and business owners to segment visitor traffic from employee traffic (think lobbies, meeting rooms). ADTRAN and Cisco are big in the Managed Wi-Fi game with an as-a-service, but Brocade just partnered with Aruba to get in the game too. (See here).

There are some changes in E-Rate, so check those out. This NoJitter article explains the possible opportunities now in E-Rate.

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