Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The TV Shift and How to Profit

I don't know if building a head-end, buying set-top boxes, and then negotiating for TV channels is the best use of time or capital. It certainly isn't great ROI. I recently had a cable exec ask me what to think about what if cable stopped offering TV?

Certainly we are seeing a convergence of 5 things:

  1. New generation that doesn't sit for TV
  2. Mobile TV
  3. Binge watching 
  4. Time Shifting
  5. Economic burden

No one is quitting broadband, but they cutting landlines and TV. (Unless you are a sports fanatic, then you are stuck to the cord of cable TV.)

The stickiness of the triple-play is still there but fading since now people just want fast Internet everywhere. How do you provide that?

There's this article about the state of TV. Roku boxes are being used more and more to deliver a creative TV product.

Think about this: instead of spending huge CAPEX on a declining investment, how can you re-think the delivery of TV? The top rated broadcast TV shows are sports. Can people watch the rest on Hulu or somewhere else? If you are offer fixed wireless, couldn't you see HDTV antennas and install to a PVR?

Our consumers are at a crossroads: as soon as they figure out how to stop paying for pay TV, they will.

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