Thursday, September 25, 2014

CEO Introspection Times 2

I read Nicholas Bates blog daily. This struck me: "it is worth finding something to work at, to strive at, to graft at, in order to discover this particular pleasure deep expertise brings." [Read the full post here]

After reading Victoria's essay on INC, I was going to ruminate how today everyone seems to strive for that perfect life, focused so heavily on goals. I see it on Facebook where the people are fanatical about their diet/food or their exercise. (And in some respects this is their religion and they have an expectation that others should join it.)

Victoria writes, "What differentiates the top 1 percent of the population from the remaining 99 percent is the simple dichotomy of thought process. Those that chose mediocrity do so due to lack of self-belief, or simply a lack of desire to even begin to contemplate their end goals." I think everyone wants to be in the 1% for the money but not for the life of a 1%-er. For example, this hedge fund manager who quit because he was missing out on life. That money is great but it can't buy happiness. Cliche perhaps but I know quite a few people with big bucks who are horrible to be around or are just plain miserable. One doesn't know who his real friends are because everyone wants something from him. Would trade for that???

I understand being goal oriented. It pays to map out the road so you know where you are heading. Victoria makes 2 really good points.

One, "Change is not a question of ability; it is a question of will." Then you can talk about fear, lizard brain, comfort zone, etc. But here second point is the power behind the will. "He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how" ~ Friedrich Nietzsche. Ask Simon Sinek, it starts with why.

I thought Tom Peters used a lot of slides, but there are 1260 slides here by Ryan Allis, founder of iContact,Hive and Connect. It is the lessons he learned in his 20s. 1200+ slides!!! About goals, life, business. I got to about 40 and quit. I will get through it, just not today.

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