Wednesday, August 06, 2014

NYC Data Centers

TELX is using a movie to market its data centers in NYC.

"Between 1928 and 1932, Western Union and AT&T Long Lines built two of the most advanced telecommunications buildings in the world, at 60 Hudson Street and 32 Avenue of the Americas in Lower Manhattan. Nearly a century later, they remain among the world's finest Art Deco towers — and cornerstones of global communication. “Urban Giants” is an 9-minute filmic portrait of their birth and ongoing life, combining never-before-seen-construction footage, archival photographs and films, interviews with architectural and technology historians, and stunning contemporary cinematography." On VIMEO HERE

Gizmodo picked it up (or was paid to write it) on their Aussie site HERE.

If you need data center space - anywhere in the world - I can quote TELX and a couple of hundred other data centers. Call 813-963-5884 today.

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