Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Cablevision Goes HD

Doug is all excited because a cable company has finally rolled out HD Voice. Doug has been waiting for HD Voice for a long time. Finally, Cablevision's Optimum service will be launching consumer HD Voice.

Doug hates when I say this but HD Voice is a lot like Fax over IP. It only works within a network operator's network. Those inter-connection points are where all things go to die - fax, codecs, HD, video, etc. (I have even seen where G.711 and G.729 exchanges don't work.)

A long time ago, during the Arbinet and Voice Peering Fabric days, all carriers should have joined exchanges to allow for better FoIP and HDV (and video), but those were still the heady days of inter-carrier compensation (that kept quite a few CLEcs afloat). It would be different today, since there isn't any ICC.

HD Voice is one way to distinguish your service - and during a Demo HD is a lot better than cell phone quality.

The other Cablevision division, Lightpath, added video conferencing to its managed services portfolio.

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