Friday, June 13, 2014

Tom Peters Best Tips are Right on the Money

Flying back yesterday, I read a novel on my kindle and then switched over to a business book - or more accurately Tom Peters 100 Ways pdf. I had to take notes every couple of pages.

#10: The best prepared, hardest working, best researched wins! Definitely. As a presenter / speaker / trainer, I want to deliver a WOW! experience for my audience every time. When they leave the room, I want them thinking. I can only do that if I am prepared and well researched.

MBWA - management by walking around. When I first get a project, I like to talk to as many employees, customers, partners as I can of the client company. I like to sit in the cubes and listen. You find out an awful lot. MBWA. It still works 30 years after Tom Peters first wrote about in his book, In Search of Excellence.

Make every day matter.

#15: WHATʼS THE DREAM? In almost every company I have worked with, I have found that if there is a culture, a unifying vision that the employees can grasp and fight for, the company is better off. Tom Peters says it is the Dream, the Plan, the Vision, the "Brand statement. Animating idea. Beliefs." Simon Sinek says it starts with WHY. I have seen it.

Seek customer feedback. You only think you know until you ask them.

See you in Atlanta next week. Catch me at the 8:30 Sales & Marketing talk where I am going to verbally punch you in the face!

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