Sunday, June 01, 2014

Links I Found Interesting

A couple of interesting reads for the week. Enjoy.

Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2014 Presentation on slideshare is 164 slides of graphs. Businessweek didn't like the format so they re-did it HERE. [thx to @rtehrani for the link]

From Meeker's talk, Fred Wilson posted about the Healthcare Inflection point. I found slide 32 to be good on healthcare apps. I think wearable tech will be implemented by insurance companies to check on people with chronic disease and maybe on the obese.

Speaker notes on a talk about the Internet, privacy, surveillance and advertising: HERE

Be careful what you call something: you might give it attitude. Or not. Calling them your 'Number 1 Competitor' really makes them frightening. Especially as they are not: they are merely something else to consider on the check-list.

Observations of an Internet Middleman by Level3 VP about Peering and Connectivity.

An idea from me about content supplied by ISPs on my TMC blog.

Notes from Metaswitch Forum.

Toshiba is now offering Virtual Desktop. [channelvision]

What is the telecom indirect Channel Selling? Look here.

And Intuitive Cloud UC Business Phone System launched at $9.99

5 Foundational Principles of Productivity

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